by Dean Dean


This 2023 CHECK VALVE REPAIR video post features the repair kit for downstream injector check valves.  Recently, email and text message questions came in regarding how to repair them rather than replacing them to save a few dollars.  Later in this video, I go into further detail about how use them, why we use them and when to use them.  I also cover installation steps.  We hope this CHECK VALVE REPAIR video helps you in your day to day pressure washing business.  Our business is to help your business save time, money, and effort so that you can maximize profitability.


It’s important to take note of the small arrow which indicates the way the water flows.  But it also points to the side which you’ll need to release with a vice and pliers to start the repair steps.  As you loosen this piece, be ready for the spring and check valve itself to fall out.  Notice the precise order so you can put them back in correctly.  Then you would use a dental pick to left the small o-ring from its seating inside.  You are simply installing the new spring and 0-ring into the existing case or housing piece.  At the 4:15 time stamp, I demonstrate how to blow through it for the purpose of diagnosing CHECK VALVE REPAIR problem issues.  Once again, our line of High Performance oils comes in handy.  The lubricant spray will help unseat challenging o-rings if you have problems trying to remove them.  6:15 is a critical time stamp spot you don’t want to miss.



At approximately 9:00, I transition from repair to the ins and outs of using them.  I talk in detail about installing and using the downstream injector check valve setup.  These are available on our Doug Rucker Store website in a couple of difference types or configurations.  There is also an option of RTU, which means ready to use.  The DIY option means you will assemble it yourself and save a few dollars that way.  Be sure and watch the entire video to get the full impact and information you need for your pressure washing business.  Finally, I want to invite you to one of our monthly hands on trainings here in the Houston area.   It’s a great way to get equipment orientation with classroom learning.  It will drastically reduce your learning curve!


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