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This ENCLOSED TRAILER SETUP video post is a final walk through just before customer pick up.  It starts with an 8 GPM HOT WATER PRESSURE WASHER from BE.  This unit provides water up to 200 degrees for heavy-duty industrial projects. It’s built on a Honda GX690 with a powerful 4-stroke OHV twin-cylinder, electric start with forced-air cooling.  So it can handle the toughest jobs with ease. It is powerful, versatile, and built to withstand frequent use.  The FLOW PRO REMOTE BYPASS SYSTEM sits securely on the pressure washer.


Next is our proprietary KINGSLINGER SOFT WASH SYSTEM.  In addition to cleaning roofs, he will use this to apply the new soy based roof rejuvenation oil spray.  All of our builds are custom builds, and in this case, we elevated the pump station for convenience.  And this particular ENCLOSED TRAILER SETUP comes with three tanks.  One is for water, one is for bleach, and one is for the roof rejuvenation oil spray.  All of the plumbing is nice and clean as we do strive not just for efficient and effective customs setups, but for great looking ones as well.  Check out the three way valve and why that’s important at the 4:00 time stamp.


This ENCLOSED TRAILER SETUP also has a side door for great functionality and additional access.  Here, you find the 24 inch U-handle surface spinner from Steel Eagle.  This unit has several great options for our customers to choose from.  The Kings Hose Reels with stack kit along with a tank, guns and spare hose also fits nicely here tin he front side of the trailer.  We always enjoy working closely with each customer to provide custom truck, trailer and van builds.  Our speciality is delivering the precise vision each customer has for their rig.  Keep in mind we also provide complete website services for pressure washing businesses.  Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment on this post if you have any questions.  Or you could email

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