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This POWER WASH VAN BUILD video post highlights another Summer 2023 build from Doug Rucker Store.  All of our builds are completely custom and designed around the needs and desires of the power wash business owner.  We do trucks, trailers, vans, and skid builds for pressure wash pros.  This enclosed van build is for a student from New York.  And He attended the Doug Rucker School a little over a year ago.  This video is a complete walk through for him since the van was shipped to us.  So it is now being shipped back to him upon completion.


This power wash van build starts off with an 8 GPM pressure washer with belt drive and electric start.  Notice the exhaust is pointing out on the pressure washer so that fumes will release directly out from the back door.  Next to it is our proprietary KINGSLINGER SOFT WASH SYSTEM.  This van is also equipped with a water inlet banjo fitting as you requested so that you have greater flexibility with it.  There is also an extra hose for the purpose of hooking up to a secondary or satellite tank.  All of the plumbing is mostly hidden to provide a clean and organized visual look for yourself and your crew, as well as your customers.


The FLOW PRO REMOTE BYPASS SYSTEM for downstreaming with a reach of over 2000 feet.  This saves both time and effort on the job and allows quick transitions for cleaning mixes to rinse mode with the touch of a button.  There is also a three way poly valve and mounting box that allows additional flexibility with the Flow Pro remote system for rinsing the injector.  Be sure and check out the Kingslinger test at 8:00 of this power wash van build video.  This build also includes the Kingslinger drain kit.  Later in the video, you’ll also see the tanks, hose reels and guns through the side door of this enclosed van.  Be sure and leave a comment if you have any questions about this power wash van build video post.


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