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Soft Wash Roof Cleaning School

One of the most popular businesses to open these days is a business that cleans roofs. It can be for residential and commercial properties.  There are certain methods and equipment needed in order to safely clean a roof.  Trying to learn all that is involved in starting and opening a Soft Wash Roof Cleaning business is daunting.  The amount of information out there can be confusing as well as overwhelming. Here at the Soft Wash Roof Cleaning School, our goal is to break all that information down. The result is that it is much easier to understand.

Soft Wash Roof Cleaning School

Soft Wash Roof Cleaning School

Developing Resources

Since my school started 12 years ago, there have been many roof cleaning schools open up, some with teachers that have limited to zero experience cleaning roofs.  I personally have cleaned many thousands of roofs in my over 35 years of experience. I also developed the first online pressure washing and roof cleaning school 11 years ago.

Our Soft Wash Roof Cleaning School located in Houston Texas, offers you actual hands on training as well as classroom training.  Here you will be able to actually use our Roof Cleaning equipment and practice spraying techniques.  You will also be able to see and participate in the cleaning of the exterior of the home as well.  Driveway Cleaning, Sidewalk Cleaning, and more is also covered.

Classroom Training

The classroom portion is a time where we go over everything you learned the previous day, as well as how to bid on jobs, sales and customer techniques, chemical mixing and ratios, equipment needs and a whole lot more.  We spend 4 hours together covering four power point presentations, that you can also view by video once you return home.  Once the school ends, the education doesn’t.  I am also available for furthering mentoring via email and phone calls, at no extra charge.  I am here to help you be successful.

The total cost for the 2 day school is $750.00, additional attendees like an employee or business partner can attend for $375.00

I also have an awesome Online Pressure Washing School that is perfect if you are just starting a pressure washing business.  You can also get some great tips at my You Tube Channel.

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