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How We Can Help

Are you looking to set up your company website but need help? Do you need a re-design?

We offer full web design services for your small business, whether it’s from the ground up or a face-lift to bring your site up to modern standards. Our technician will handle the design and build out of your website and ensure that it will work across all computing devices.

Our services include:

  • Step-by-step walk-through of purchasing your domain name
  • We provide web-hosting for your website as well at 15$ per month, invoiced twice a year
  • Design, setup and creation of your website with your input
  • Training available on how to add content to your site- Blogs, Pictures etc
  • Prompt Communication through Basecamp (email) throughout the process

Your website will include the following:

  • Homepage / Landing Page
  • About Us Page
  • We will write the content for your pages for content, services, and about us, with your input.
  • Service Pages include no more than 5 for residential and 5 for commercial so you’ll need to let us know your top 5 services for Residential and Commercial services.
  • Contact Page
  • Services Listing Page(s) 5 for residential and 5 for commercial
  • Photo Gallery with pictures provided if desired
  • Before/After Picture’s available if needed
  • A back-end site that you can log into and add your own content with training available if needed. (See #14)
  • Responsive design meaning it will perform on a desktop computer, mobile phone or tablet
  • Assistance with choosing your theme and domain name purchase
  • Hosting at 15$ per month invoiced twice a year at $90.00
  • Google Listing Set Up
  • Connect to your Social Media Sites
  • Additional training is available for blogging, adding content, pictures etc., at $100.00 per hour session. (See #8)

We require that you have a maintenance plan through our web master at $300.00 per year.  You will make payment arrangements for this once the site goes live with the web master. This maintenance plan keeps your sight updated throughout the year and helps prevent damage to our servers and your site. It also allows for minor changes to be made to your site when needed, plug in updates, theme updates, word press updates, etc.  Large changes to your site are billed at our service rate of 100$ per hour.

If you need training for how to add blogs, pictures, etc, I can provide that via zoom, 1 hours sessions at $100.00 per session.  These sessions will be recorded so you can go back and review them.

Two things you may need to purchase additionally, at your expense, are the theme and your domain name.  We will walk you through this process, but it is important that you purchase your theme and domain name.  YOU NEED TO OWN BOTH OF THOSE. We do have several free themes to choose from.

Once the web site is built and is released to you, any changes needed, that you can’t do, are billed and invoiced at our rate, unless you are on our on-call service and maintenance program.


Additional training is available for blogging, adding content, pictures etc., at $100.00 per hour session.

Why Us?

What We Offer

With over fifteen years of developing several websites to generate sales, Our team is well equipped to handle all of your website needs. We can help you with increasing website traffic for lead generation. My team is excited about the opportunity to share our success with you so that you will be empowered to succeed in your community.