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Thanks for checking out this PRESSURE WASHER CONNECTIONS video post.  The Doug Rucker Store is both online and also has a physical location.  We are in Porter, Texas where I often tell people: “It’s not the end if the world, but you can see it from here!”  If you are even in the Houston area, we hope you’ll stop by to talk some shop.  This video post is in response to questions about how to connect a pressure washer to the battery and the gas tank.  One of the most popular machines our customers seem to like is the 8 GPM cold water skid unit.  This machine does not come with a battery, battery cables, or a gas tank.



PRESSURE WASHER CONNECTIONS usually start off with a battery.  You will need a positive wire and a negative wire (red and black) with crimped fittings.  The fittings must properly fit the battery terminals as well as the starter on the machine.  The length of these wires must fit how far the location of the battery will be from the machine.  It should be pretty precise so that you are not short, nor do you end up with extra wire.  This is why custom builds are a key piece of our business and why Doug Rucker Store works so tirelessly with our customers on this.  At about the 2:00 time stamp with clear lighting and pictures, I help you identify the starter.  It can be difficult to locate.  I discuss the various options for grounding this connection.  Apply some sort of grease to each of those connections. I also discuss various battery sizes that you can use.


PRESSURE WASHER CONNECTIONS are not complete until the gas tank is also in place.  I use 1/4 inch clear braid hose for the fuel line connection.  This hose is clear enough that it allows you to see the gas flow.  You could also use standard black fuel line if you prefer for other reasons.  You could install a Y fitting to supply a second machine such as our KINGSLINGER SOFT WASH SYSTEM.  I also discuss oil changes so be sure and watch the entire video for all the details.  I hope this helps answer some questions you may have regarding pressure washer connections.



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