by Dean Dean


Several viewers recently asked about oil changes for pressure washing machines.  So in this video post, I have three difference machines that I provide step by step instructions for oil changes.  First, for the demonstrations I’ll use a 5 GPM skid pressure washer.  Then I use an 8 GPM machine and also a 4 GPM portable machine.  You need to remember that you have to change oil for both the pump as well as the engine itself.  Refer directly to the owner’s manual for recommended oil change intervals which is usually based on a number of hours.  For the most part, there is an initial “break in” oil change recommendation interval for the first oil change.  After that first change which is pretty quick, you’ll have more time.  The engines usually need changing far more often than the pump.  So it’s very important to read the owner’s manual interval recommendations.


Locating the DRAIN PLUGS is the first step to completing pressure washer oil changes.  They can be difficult to reach so I have a few hints and tips you’ll want to watch for each machine.  I also mention how helpful is to have an oil vacuum from Harbor Freight or Northern Tool or similar store.  You can use this to change the oil in cases when the drain plug is nearly impossible to get to.  On any pump, you will notice a sight glass that helps provide the proper amount of oil.  You want to fill only to half way up on that site glass and avoid over filling.  For the engine, there is no sight glass.  It is a matter of watching the actual oil level reach it’s maximum point to avoid over filling.  At the 4:00 time stamp, I actually show you what drained oil mixed with water looks like. Some machines make it much easier by providing drain hoses.


I always only use HIGH PERFORMANCE LUBRICANTS for all my oil changes.  I use them not only for pressure washing machines and pumps, but I also use them for all of our trucks and personal vehicles.  This is the highest quality oil that you can get, and I have found increases longevity and engine performance.  For more training, be sure and check out all the training options at PRESSURE WASHING SCHOOL.  In addition to my YouTube channel, I also have an online video school and monthly training events in Houston.  Don’t hesitate to contact us if we can help in any way!



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