by Dean Dean


This POWER WASH SUPPLIES DIY video post includes assembly instructions.  So some items for purchase at have an option you can choose from.  The options are DIY, which stands for DO IT YOURSELF and requires assembly, or RTU.  RTU means the item comes READY TO USE and we assemble the parts prior to shipment.  As a reminder, you can visit our physical location at 25432 TX-494 Loop in Porter, Texas.  Our hours are 9am-noon and 1pm-3pm.  Thanks for checking out this POWER WASH SUPPLIES DIY video post that we hope will help your business.


If you purchase our PRESSURE WASH GUN ASSEMBLY with DIY option, I provide instructions on how to assemble it.  It’s very easy to assemble and is a fantastic gun to have for downstreaming.  And I demonstrate how the rotating grip is a great advantage when using a J Rod nozzle.  This saves a lot of time and effort on the job by not needing to stop and rotate the nozzle manually.  Aluminum extension wands are also part of the video demonstration at the 3:00 time stamp.  Be sure and watch the entire POWER WASH SUPPLIES DIY video for all the assembly instructions.


I have several different videos on my YouTube channel that cover this particular product.  Just search “adjustable wand” and those videos will come up.  This is an extremely helpful and handy item to have, especially if you want to control the pressure level at the gun.  Everybody’s favorite, the classic BALL VALVE SET UP, is another product I cover in this POWER WASH SUPPLIES DIY video post.  This allows you to switch guns or switch to a surface cleaner easily and quickly.  This saves a lot of time and energy on each job site.  And, it helps prevent hose tangling and twisting.  At the 9:45 time stamp, I go back through each of these products and go over step by step assembly instructions to help customers purchasing these products.  Developing these assembly skills helps prepare for any repairs that might be needed on the job site.  This will keep you moving forward and help maintain and increase your profit margins.

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