by Dean Dean

Downstreaming Equipment Video

In this DOWNSTREAMING EQUIPMENT VIDEO, we cover a number of items.  On the website, you have an option to select between DIY or RTU.  This means you get it DIY, or do it yourself, meaning set up and assembly is your responsibility.  This will save you money but cost you more time and effort.  When you select RTU, this means it arrives ready to use.  Our bypass injector, pressure wash gun assembly, ball valve setups, soft wash guns and downstream injector kits all have this option.  For DIY, you would use items like teflon tape, loxeal thread locker, your own tools and anything else you would like to use.


The larger majority of DOWNSTREAMING EQUIPMENT VIDEO orders we receive on our website are for items to come ready to use.  In this case, they spending a few more dollars to save time and effort.  We are always happy to accommodate RTU orders.  But there are a couple of advantages beyond just saving a few dollars when ordering products DIY.  First, it’s helpful for you to know how to put these things together yourself.  There may be times when you need to repair supplies and equipment while you are on a job site.  With DIY, you are gaining skills and knowledge of how to use certain tools, fittings, and other pressure washer specific supplies.  So the main focus of this video is to provide assembly and setup instructions for downstreaming products available for purchase on our website.


This DOWNSTREAMING EQUIPMENT VIDEO starts with assembly instructions for our Downstream Bypass Injector Kit.  You can check this out at time stamp 2:24 of the video.  For more information and training on downstreaming, check out this post!  Thank you for checking out this post, and be sure and leave a comment or ask question if we can help in any way!