In January 2024, we held a live in person F 9 RESTORATION TRAINING event with Craig Harrison . Craig came from Arizona to The Doug Rucker Store in his CLEANING CLASSROOM for both classroom instruction and hands on training.  There are four different F 9 cleaning products that this training covered.  They are Double Eagle, Efflo, Barc and Grounds Keeper.  Each has a unique and proprietary solution that provides effective cleaning for over 140 stains.  These stains are particular stains which cannot be cleaned with traditional bleach and surfactant solutions.  This video post gives you an inside and detailed look at the F 9 RESTORATION TRAINING event with about 15 participants.


Seeing the various F 9 RESTORATION TRAINING tools in action was an awesome sight.  This includes a state of the art floor scrubber, surface cleaner, blowers, and an electric hand sprayer.  Craig provided a complete history of how each of the four cleaning products came into existence.  One of the things he stressed was that we are not just pressure washing service companies.  We are actually operating in the health and safety space as he mentioned “cosmetic cleaning.”  Chemical safety protocols, hard surface restoration tools, and the F9 cookbook with mix ratios were all covered in classroom training.  Be sure and watch the entire video to get a good feel for everything covered in this F 9 RESTORATION TRAINING event.


Doug Rucker and Jeff Blackman are bringing live, in person training to Cocoa, Florida.  February 22 is hands on power washing training.  February 23 is their Difference Makers Conference.  And February 24 is parking lot stripe training.  Check out all the details and register here.