by Dean Dean


This BEST SOFT WASH GUN video helps pressure wash business professionals.  We also cover trigger guns and provide a contrast for options available for purchase on my website.  These options include purchasing either DIY or RTU.  DIY means the parts arrive without assembly and you are responsible for assembly.  This saves a few dollars, but I always provide video assembly instructions on the website product page.  RTU means the product arrives ready to use and we assemble the parts before shipping.


This SOFT WASH BALL VALVE GUN is my favorite.  It is the BEST SOFT WASH GUN because it doesn’t restrict the flow as in the case of trigger guns.  You get just a little bit more distance and volume.  The are extremely durable and require very low maintenance.  Keep in mind though a couple of positive aspects of trigger guns.  The trigger guns stop spraying immediately upon release which is helpful when you drop the gun accidentally.  I recommend new guys to always start with a trigger gun.  In the video, I show several trigger guns also available on the my website.


At the 6:00 time stamp of this BEST SOFT WASH GUN video, I provide detail assembly instructions for all of these guns.  This will help those of you who purchase these guns DIY, or do it yourself.  The ball valve gun and the trigger guns basically have the same components so the assembly instructions are very similar.  You will appreciate the difference I explain here regarding when to use teflon tape or Tru-Blu.  There are many other details I cover so you will want to watch the full video.  I also provide insight for using your Jrod nozzles with these various guns.  Purchasing DIY saves you money, and also helps you build your own skill set with tools, glues and so forth.  It also helps to build assembly skills to prepare you for repairing parts and supplies that fail on the job.  Another post you might enjoy is this video post on the subject of DOWNSTREAMING EQUIPMENT.

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