by Doug Rucker Doug Rucker


WINDOW CLEANING EQUIPMENT is an important consideration for pressure washing business professionals.  For the last three or four years,  this is what I have been teaching through my online school and my video school.  Window cleaning companies are now offering pressure washing services.  And companies like to have both pressure washing and window cleaning services in one company, rather than two.  For this reason, pressure washing businesses need to add window cleaning to the services that you offer.  If not, you will miss out on business that you would otherwise be able to win.  So in this video post, I provide in depth information for the window cleaning equipment we use and sell through my store.  It’s the “REACH IT” water fed pole window cleaning equipment.  We also have a system from Unger.


I recommend you get training from the Reach It founder and owner Perry Tait.  He has a YouTube channel and you can find it be searching from “Reach It’s Water Fed Window Cleaning.”  There are various window cleaning equipment packages that we sell.  And in this video, I cover what the various packages come with.  I explain that arrows are included on the equipment which helps when setting up to ensure correct water flow direction.  Some of the unique set up tips I cover include carrying the cannister in a five pound bucket and utilizing a banjo fitting.  I use this on the inlet side of the cannister so that we can hook up directly to the Kingslinger.  We have found this approach is more convenient than using a garden hose, which is not always readily available on commercial properties.


At approximately 11:00 into the video, you will find detailed instructions on hose set up.  There are different ways you can connect the rhino hose to the pole, and it really boils down just to personal preferences.  It’s important to listen for the little “snap” to ensure hoses are securely connected.  You’ll have either the smaller 14 inch brush or an 18 brush to work with, depending on which package you purchase.  I also explain the TDS meter included, which gives a reading for total dissolved solids.  This reading helps determine when resin needs to be refreshed. This entire video is about 24:00 long and I hope all that I cover helps as you consider adding window cleaning equipment to your business.