by Dean Dean

Tsunami Water Separator

The TSUNAMI WATER SEPARATOR is part of the Kingslinger Soft Wash System.  In this video post, we discuss how this unique water filtration system works and how to properly maintain it.  In fact, I am glad to introduce a couple of the Tsunami Water Separator manufacturing representatives in the video to talk things through.  Brad and Keisha are going to help us understand how it works, and Keisha is actually from the Houston area!


Brad shows a cut out model of the Tsunami Water Separator.  The air comes in through the top head and into a center tube.  Brad shows exactly what happens inside once the air exits the tubes and moves upward into the stainless steel mesh.  This stainless steel mesh can be cleaned, and this unit is designed to be low to no maintenance.  Sometimes you may hear more sound or more air, and also you may experience leaking.  One possible fix for this scenario is to get an o ring replacement kit.  There is also a float valve on the bottom which could also be the culprit.  At the 3:00 time stamp, Brad demonstrates precisely how to perform this repair.


Brad then points out a few other things on the Tsunami Water Separator.  First, it is made of aluminum and is made in the USA.  It is built for long life and there are a couple difference sizes to consider.  There is a 50 cfm filter and a 20 cfm filter.  The 20 cfm filter is the smaller size and is the model on the Kingslinger Soft Wash System.  This item can also be purchased separately and added to any other soft wash system you might be using.  If you’d like more training, consider coming out to Houston for one of monthly schools when you can.


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