by Dean Dean


This SURFACE CLEANER PRESSURE REGULATOR video post features a new product.  Craig Harrison with Front 9 Restoration Products came up with this design a few years ago.  We have a kit with all the parts you need to install it on your surface cleaner.  This is fantastic thing to have because it allows you to adjust the pressure of your surface cleaner on the fly right where you’re cleaning.  This prevents you from having to change nozzles to accommodate different surfaces.  A more common example is cleaning a driveway or sidewalk vs cleaning a pool deck.

Ours is set with our nozzles for 2500 psi as the highest level.  With just the turn of one knob on the handle, we can lower the surface cleaner pressure.  It saves time, effort and energy on every single job.  I do realize that another way to accomplish this is by adjusting the unloader.  For me personally, I’m not a fan of adjusting the unloader.  The only time I touch my unloader is to change them out.


The SURFACE CLEANER PRESSURE REGULATOR will arrive as a kit with parts.  So you will need to install it, but it’s relatively simple to do.  In fact, here is a separate video that covers just installation instructions.  It might be a good idea to watch the installation instructions first to get a good feel for your confidence level.  A hose goes down from the handle to the top of the surface cleaner deck.  You’ll need to drill a hole and attach a barb.  This is where unused water releases as you lower the pressure with the knob on the handle.  At approximately 3:00 into the video, you can see the stream of water releasing as we lower the pressure.

It will greatly assist you and prevent the potential for damaging concrete with too much pressure.  If you have any questions, just leave a comment here or in the YouTube video comments section.  You could also send an email to or call/text 281-612-1223.