by Doug Rucker Doug Rucker


One of the questions I often receive relates to PRESSURE WASHING CHEMICAL MIX ratios from a downstream injector.  To be straight and honest with you right up front, I have never really measured the final ratio using a downstream injector.  We use 5 and 8 gallon per minute machines, but mostly 8 gallon per minute machines.  We use a 3-5 gallon per minute injector with a check valve. This PRESSURE WASHING CHEMICAL MIX video will delve into many of the details around this important question.  Pressure washing business startups might want to watch and listen carefully to increase efficiency, preserve solutions, and maximize profits.


I am not too concerned with the precise pressure washing chemical mix ratio.  What I do look for is color change.  The main thing I look for when down streaming is will the mix change the color of organic stains.  If I do not see a change in color, this means my mix is not strong enough.  At this point, I will need to use a dedicated pump such as my KINGSLINGER soft wash system.  This will certainly provide a higher, stronger mix than a downstream injector.  This is a 27:00 video so make sure you view the entire video to absorb all the details.  I also provide job site before and after pictures for demonstration purposes.  Always prewet the surfaces and saturate the grass or landscaping in the area with water.  This is fairly quick and easy to do with an open ball valve.


This pressure washing chemical mix video includes a brick cleaning project with gold mold or “mustard” mold.  This particular organic stain will not undergo much of a color change.  This mustard mold stain is very popular in California, especially on various roofing materials.  It is extremely difficult to remove.  It’s very important to set customers expectations when you see this particular organic stain.  You might also be interested in checking out my full line of pressure wash cleaning solutions.  I hope this information helps!  My passion is training pressure washing startups to succeed, improve their skills, and expand their pressure washing business services.