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This PRESSURE WASHER MAINTENANCE video post deals with water inlet issues.  If you ever experience a pulsating hose or not enough water coming through, the water inlet should be the first thing to check.  There could be a clog or an air leak there.  The water inlet usually has six check valves which require a breaker bar and the right size socket.  Be very careful because these valves are made of brass, and as soft and therefore easy to strip.  I do not recommend using any sort of impact power tool for this.  At 3:55 of this PRESSURE WASHER MAINTENANCE video, you’ll see the open valve and o-ring.


Using needle nose pliers, I am able to gently remove the check valve.  There is also another o-ring deep down below where the check valve sits.  You can usually look closely down through there with a flashlight. (see time stamp 9:45)  But generally, the issues are never with the o-rings but with the check valves.  I do provide instructions for replacing the o-rings if that is something you would prefer to do.  You will need a dental pick set for this part of pressure washer maintenance repairs.  But the main issue is checking out the small spring inside the check valve.  You want to make sure the spring is completely free of any dust, dirt, or debris and that the spring is not broken.  Again, there are six check valves so it’s important to examine all six check valves carefully.  Of course, always check and replace all fittings  regularly.  It’s important to keep all fittings clean and well maintained.


There may be other problem areas to check when dealing with pressure washer maintenance issues.  There are various tanks to check in addition to checking the filter at the water inlet.  Check the oil of course, and make sure it’s not milky or that water is getting in.  And we always recommend using HIGH PERFORMANCE LUBRICANTS for our trucks and all equipment. If you are new to the industry, I invite you to check out my online video school for extensive training that will drastically cut your learning curve.

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