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This PRESSURE WASHER FITTINGS video addresses an option you have as it relates to fittings.  That option is either socket in/plug out OR plug in/socket out.  This question arises from customers ordering equipment from us such as modified xjet, pressure wash gun assembly, and even downstream injectors.  This can get somewhat complicated so I like to try and simplify it as best as I can for those who are new in the business.  It’s basically the orientation of or how to set up your inlet and outlet fittings.  I hope this PRESSURE WASHER FITTINGS video helps clear up some of the confusion.


My preference has always been to set up my system PLUG OUT.  Early in my training years when I first stared in the business, I was taught that “the plug points the way the water flows.”  So for my ball valve set up, the water is coming into valve through the socket.  This might also be called a coupler or the female fitting.  Then the water flows out from the ball valve through the plug.  So my PRESSURE WASHER FITTINGS set up or orientation is PLUG OUT.  So this set up applies to all equipment.  This set up can easily be reversed for a variety of reasons.  But, either way, it must remain consistent throughout the entire system.  At approximately 2:50 into the video, I demonstrate the importance of water flow direction on a downstream injector.  There are small arrows that must coordinate with the direction the water flows.


Your PRESSURE WASHER FITTINGS orientation all starts with the inlet fitting on the pressure washer.  Most machines arrive with a socket as the initial set up.  So most machines have the water coming out with a “quick connect” or female coupler which is also called a socket.  If this is your initial set up, then everything else needs to be set up the same way.  I also refer to this as the “lead fitting.”  For my preferred set up, I remove that quick connect coupler or socket and replace it with a plug fitting.  This might also be called a male fitting.  I also demonstrate the change I make for my preference on a surface cleaner at the 6:30 time stamp.  There’s so much more to learn about this entire issue so be sure and watch the entire video!


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