by Doug Rucker Doug Rucker


We always enjoy questions from our loyal YouTube channel viewers.  One recent question relates to the Pressure Washer Battery and Fuel Line Connections.  Right off the bat, you will need six gauge wire, or six A.W.G.  The A.W.G. stands for American Wire Gauge.  In this video, I explain how the lower gauge numbers mean higher amps which that wire can carry.  I recommend buying a set with the battery terminal clips.  The set will have a red and a black wire, which is your positive and negative connection.  The red will connect to the starter on the pressure washer and the black is the ground.  Here is the full Pressure Washer Battery and Fuel Line Connections video.


You will want to think through location of your battery to the pressure washer machine.  The wires comes in various lengths so this is an important variable for you to consider as you purchase the wire.  The red wire connects to the starter mechanism bolt on the pressure washer machine.  Then, the red wire also connects to the positive terminal of the battery on the other end.  The black wire connects to the negative batter terminal post, and is ground wherever you choose.  I provide insight and details in the video into the procedure we use to drill a hole and secure with a bolt and nut on the pressure washer machine.  Pressure Washer Battery and Fuel Line Connections is not real complicated and is fairly easy to do with the right instructions!


Quarter inch fuel line hose is what you will need for the fuel line connection to the pressure washer machine.  These hoses are available at most auto parts stores.  However, I do go into detail about the quarter inch poly braid hose which I use.  This is the same type of hose I use for my downstream injector.  This helps because I can see whether the gas is drawing through the hose or not.  At the 8:00 time stamp, I show exactly how to secure the fuel line connection.  I hope this Pressure Washer Batter and Fuel Line Connections post and video helps!