by Doug Rucker Doug Rucker


At the Doug Rucker Store, POWER WASHER HOSE REEL sales have been skyrocketing lately.  This is because we have several to choose from and always provide product details through videos.  The brands we carry include Hannay, Kings, Valley Industries, Steel Eagle, General Pump and Titan.  There are slight variations among them with things like the swivel, the manifold, and a few other minor elements.  But for the most part, they are all very similar.


The swivel is that part that hooks up to your whip hose and leads to your pressure washer or dedicated pump.  The water or mix flows into the reel through this swivel hose connection.  Usually, the swivel is always stainless steel.  Sometimes you’ll see a grease fitting on the swivel.  After the swivel, the fluid then flows into the manifold.  The manifold is on the inside of the reel.  Then it flows into the hose connected to the reel.  On the Hannay reel in this video, the manifold is not stainless steel.  When using 30%-50% mixes, it is better to have a stainless steel manifold because it increases longevity.  However, with such high concentrations of bleach, the manifold will always fail regardless of its composition.  Leaks will begin to appear from inside the hub of the reel.


A great use for reels once they fail is to simply store extra or spare hose on them.  To do so, make sure you order hex bushings from the Doug Rucker Store website.  You install this reducing bushing with thread lock and lock sealer.  At approximately 6:30 in the video, I demonstrate a couple of different ways to set up the reel for storage purposes.  I also explain why I use quick connect fittings and how they make things much easier on the job.  Another hose reel I talk about at 15:20 is the hard core or Valley Industries hose reel.  This reel is great for soft washing with high mix concentrations because there is not manifold inside the reel.