by Dean Dean


The latest build from Doug Rucker Store is what he calls the POWER WASH MONEY MAKER.  This is the basics of what’s needed to clean houses, driveways and pool decks.  It is for one of our repeat customers, Tommy Fisher, from right here in Houston.  And by the way, his business is doing great, mainly as a resort of 100% knocking on doors.  Believe it or not, he does not advertise any other way.  So this video post will walk you through his newest power wash money maker!



The POWER WASH MONEY MAKER trailer set up begins with our 8 GPM skid pressure washer.  This is a durable, long-lasting power washer that you can count on for countless hours of cleaning.  It’s connected to one of our best fuel tanks.  Of course, we always recommend and Tommy got the Flow Pro Remote Bypass System for downstreaming.  And at the 1:04 time stamp, you can check out the operating instructions I give, as I do for all my customers.  I always provide extensive equipment orientation to ensure maximum efficiency and production.

He has two Hannay manual hose reels.  One has 200 ft of fierce jet pressure hose with a ball valve setup.  The reel has the water fill hose which connects to the large water tank.  Inside the tank is the Topaz Compact Float Valve, which shuts the water flow off once full.  And he got the extremely handy banjo three way valve to fill a bucket or for other such needs.  You can wash your hands or rinse a tool or just use it to cool off a little bit.  Believe me, it is extremely handy!


The surface cleaner for the Power Wash Money Maker is second to none.  It is the 24 inch U handle Steel Eagle surface cleaner with spun aluminum decks.  He has an 80 gallon water tank, and a 50 gallon bleach tank.  He said “It looks so great, I don’t want to get it dirty.”  Don’t miss the part when he pulls the trailer out of the shop and heads out into the wild to start making money!