by Doug Rucker Doug Rucker

Power Wash Business QnA

This is the SECOND Power Wash Business QnA.  We are always grateful for our Pressure Washing School students as well as our loyal YouTube channel viewers.  As they submit their questions, we know many others in the power wash business are asking the same questions.  So keep those questions coming!  We hope this Power Wash Business QnA post and video helps everyone in the business, but especially those who are just starting out.


The first question relates to the importance and priority of having a hot water pressure washer to remove oil and grease stains from parking areas.  My answer to him is that for residential oil and grease driveway stains, I rarely use heat.  Instead, we use our Dougout Degreaser which does wonders when using just cold water.  But in this video at the 2:24 time stamp, I also lay out the importance of setting customer expectations.  I explain to the customer that there will still be a “shadow stain” left over, and this will be the case regardless of whether or not you are using hot water.  Setting customer expectations is critical for every job, not just for grease and oil stains.  A main mantra of mine when it comes to customer relations is “UNDER PROMISE and OVER DELIVER!”  In addition, it’s important to remember that stain removal is a separate upsell service from general cleaning.  But this is a great POWER WASH Business QnA subject and I appreciate our student who is asking this important question.  At the end of this question, I provide the precise language we use in our estimates which clearly set customer expectations.


The second question is this POWER WASH BUSINES QnA video covers roof cleaning services.  A YouTube channel viewer states his machine specifications.  Then he wants to know if he could could downstream with an x jet using a certain gun.  This will most likely not be effective as you need a higher mix than what this combination will deliver.  You’ll need a 30%-50% mix and an x jet can get close to that.  But if the roof is more than lightly stained, you will need a stronger mix.  Here is another great post you might that might interest you on Five Roof Cleaning Tips.