by Dean Dean


This week, a few guys sent emails or texts asking me about the same concept.  How can I set up a portable pressure washer hose reel?  In this video post, I cover all the set up and plumbing details for this.  Keep in mind that with a portable pressure washer hose reel, you will not be using a tank.  The customer’s home water supply will provide water through one hose reel into the pressure washer machine.  This is basically a reverse set up from the way you would normally be using a hose reel with a tank.  I use 5/8 flexilla garden hose, but you can use whatever hose you prefer.


At approximately 2:00, I demonstrate how to cut the hose for setting up a portable pressure washer hose reel.  It’s important to remember to cut that hose based on the length needed going from the hose reel swivel to the machine.  For this project, you will need some teflon tape as well as loxeal thread locker.  And you will need two 1/2 inch threaded by 5/8 brass hose barbs.  One goes onto the hose reel manifold, while the other goes into the hose reel swivel.  At 4:00, I provide in depth information about which hose should go in which direction.   This can be confusing so you may want to watch and listen a few times.  I was not able to have the hose wrapped up on the reel for this video.  Since this hose has been cut and re-fitted, you’ll need a complete secondary hose with you for other uses.


Now to set up the other pressure reel, you’ll need two quick connects.  You’ll need one that is male pipe thread, and another that is female pipe thread.  There are a few other items I mention so be sure and watch the entire video.  And everything you need can be found on the Doug Rucker Store website.  I walk you through step by step to set up the pressure hose, as well as the whip line.  I sure hope this video post helps with you portable pressure washer hose reel set up.  Be sure and stay up to date with all of the training opportunities and events that we provide.

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