by Doug Rucker Doug Rucker


Thank you for checking out this M5 TWIST WITH KINGSLINGER video post.  Recently, a customer made a purchase of an M5 TWIST nozzle from the Doug Rucker Store.  His intention is to use it with the Kingslinger soft wash system.  He has a 10 gallon per minute unit and I was reluctant about these two items working well together.  Later that day, he sent me a video exclaiming how great this one two punch combination is.


The advantage of M5 Twist with Kingslinger is not having to switch back and forth between a shooter tip and a fan spray.  In this video, I provide a demonstration of the distance you can get with this combination.  In fact, there are three different nozzle sizes to choose from based on the gallon per minute machine you’re using.  I want to thank Tommy Fischer from the Katy, Texas area for pointing this out so that other professionals might also benefit from this insight.  Keep in mind that wind is an important variable that has an affect on the distance you can get on a job site.


We use the M5 Twist with Kingslinger often also for plant protection.  You can get a nice wide fan pattern which is ideal when spraying plants with 100% water to protect them from exposure to the mix.  Be sure and take advantage of all the training opportunities I provide.  I have an online video school with over 275 videos.  You’ll also find some great industry standard information on my YouTube channel.  And I host monthly two day training events in Houston.  This includes on the job training using equipment you may not own yet.  And it also includes excellent classroom training and instruction.  Be sure and leave us a comment if you have any questions we might be able to assist with.