by Dean Dean


This KINGSLINGER UPDATES 2023 post reflects changes on both the compressor and our system since my last updates video.  In this video, one of my students is picking up his Kingslinger Soft Wash System.  Victor is actually our first Spanish Speaking school student that we provided translation for.  The Kingslinger along with two tanks and a hose reel will be set up on the back of his pickup truck.  His desire is for the system to be portable, meaning he can move it in and out of his truck as necessary.  Be sure and watch the entire KINGSLINGER UPDATES 2023 video and then leave a comment with any questions you may have.


Right off the bat, the compressor handles on the newer compressor model are not as high as on previous models.  This allows us to attach the Kingslinger Soft Wash System directly onto those handles.  The placement of the Kingslinger is a little bit higher making it easier to get to.  These are minor changes and it is still fairly simple to assemble and install.  At 5:30 you will note details of gallons per minute and distance or reach.  I have been able to clean 2-3 story buildings with this exact system many, many times!  Another great feature of this system contributing to portability are the banjo fittings.  The tanks he will use are the low profile, slim line 55 gallon tanks for water and for bleach.  We use uniseals without bulk heads to tighten up that connection into each tank.


This KINGSLINGER UPDATES 2023 set up includes 250 of flexilla soft wash hose with soft wash ball valve gun and JROD nozzles.  He also have a couple of adjustable cone nozzles.  These are great for cleaning around delicate landscape areas where you really need to control your bleach output.  This has a nice range from straight stream to a fine mist.  It’s extremely handy and helps save you alot of money by reducing bleach waste.  At the 14:00 time stamp, I explain how to use a supplemental tank hose with a 5 gallon bucket and making use of the third valve.  It allows you to mix soaps and surfactants like our RAP for oxidation stripes from gutters and things of that nature.