by Doug Rucker Doug Rucker


This KINGSLINGER DRAIN KIT video post contains instructions in detail for installation.  The Kingslinger Soft Wash System is ideal for metering your bleach, water and soap mix.  In this video, extensive instructions are provided by my build partner Edwin who has a shop next to mine.  Ed is with High Performance Lubricants and assists with all of my builds and other manufacturing and fabrication tasks.  There’s no better person to walk us through installing the KINGSLINGER DRAIN KIT than Ed!


The compressor comes with two barrel drain plugs already installed on each barrel.  It’s best to install the KINGSLINGER DRAIN KIT on a new compressor with no oil inside so that the unit can easily turn on its side for installation of the drain kit.  The very first step is to remove those drain plugs with a crescent wrench or 9/16 wrench.  You want the drain valve side to be on the same side as the regulator side or the side with mixing GF mixing valves.  This side is also the same side as the compressor regulator.  Ed shows in detail how to loosen fittings and then how to prepare them to ensure they are good and tight.  A 5/16 wrench will also be in use for this step.  Pay close attention to getting them snug but also making sure they are pointing in the right direction.


It’s important to note there is a long piece and a short piece in the drain kit.  The short piece will go on the same side as the mixing valves and compressor regulator.  This is how the KINGSLINGER DRAIN KIT valve itself ends up on the right side.  The last step before tightening all the fittings is to make sure the entire unit is in place properly on your truck, trailer, or van.  You want to ensure the valve has ample space to move.  Do not overtighten but make sure it’s good and snug.  If you are new to this business, here is another post you might be interested in.  It’s a piece I call Pressure Washing VS Soft Washing.