This is a follow up video post to an earlier introduction of a new product at the Doug Rucker Store.  We have a new Surface Cleaner Pressure Regulator and you check out the earlier video here.  So this HOW TO INSTALL SURFACE CLEANER PRESSURE REGULATOR video post focuses on installation instructions.  In the kit you’ll receive a quarter inch hose, two hose barbs, the regulator and other fittings.  Be sure and leave any questions you might have in the comments section of the blog post or the youtube video comments.  I do my best to reply promptly and stay engaged with our loyal customers!


HOW TO INSTALL SURFACE CLEANER PRESSURE REGULATOR starts with drilling a hole in the deck.  At the 4:15 time stamp, we cover this most difficult part of the process in detail.  First, use a 1/2 inch bit to drill a pilot hole.  Then you’ll want to use a step bit which allows variable sizes and we show you how to mark your limit.  The important point here is not to drill the hole too big.  After this, use a little dab of loxeal for the nut underneath the deck to secure the hose barb in the place.  You can see in the video at 6:30 where this acts as an unloader for unused water as you adjust the pressure.  Next, we briefly demonstrate how to teflon tape all the parts prior to assembly.


The next step of HOW TO INSTALL SURFACE CLEANER PRESSURE REGULATOR is removing the surface cleaner hose.  Then it’s just matter of installing all the fittings and parts in the right order.  Be sure and watch the entire video so you don’t miss any important steps.  Some of these steps require pretty heavy wrenching so you may need assistance to stabilize the surface cleaner deck.  A 9/16, 11/16, and adjustable wrench will come in real handy for this project.  The final install step will require a back up wrench as well.  Don’t forget to put the hose clamps on the hose before attaching to the hose barb!  I hope this helps you guys!  And if you’re interested in live, in person training, check out our monthly events in Houston.  We just completed a three day event in Atlanta and will be looking at other locations as well.