by Doug Rucker Doug Rucker


This video post features instructions for a STEEL EAGLE HOSE REEL SET UP.  This will assist with either pressure wash or soft wash set up.  You will need two different reels for each purpose.  The basic difference between the two reels is the manifold inside the reel.  The manifold is the pipe that is inside each reel.  The soft wash reel manifold is made of stainless steel.  This is better for higher concentrations of bleach.  I provide specific details regarding the tools you will use for this HOSE REEL SET UP project.


The swivel is going to be pretty common across all brands of hose reels.  We carry King’s Reels, Hannay, and Valley Industries.  But with covid supply chain issues, Steel Eagle is the one most readily available.  The purpose of the swivel is to keep the inlet connection in place while reeling the hose in or out.  There is a butterfly nut above the swivel which serves as an adjustment for the brake.  This helps manage the hose while reeling out and prevents free spinning that results in tangles.  There are various hose reel set up strategies for the swivel connection, and I explain how I connect mine.  I also cover the ways others may connect theirs, so you do have some flexibility.  It’s really just a matter of personal preference.  Some choose to hard plumb it, but my preference is using a quick connect fitting.


The next step for this HOSE REEL SET UP is connecting the hose.  This is whether it be the soft wash hose or the high pressure hose.  There is a very important hint at the 10:00 time stamp regarding how to wrap the hose.  You do not want to miss this important tip!  Once again, there is flexibility which depends on personal preference between hard plumbing or quick connects.  I do explain why quick connects are my preference in the video!  If this video post was helpful, you might also enjoy PRESSURE WASHING HOSE CARE.