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A few years ago, I did a video on this same subject simply using an extension chord.  So this HOSE MANAGEMENT VIDEO is an update with new content on how this will work well with hoses too.  This would not work with pressure washing hose because the makeup is too stiff and too restrictive.  But this will work with softer more pliable hoses and extension chords.  I actually learned this technique using microphone chords as part of set up and take down for church worship services.  So hopefully this HOSE MANAGEMENT VIDEO trick will help save a lot of time and effort on every job.


This HOSE MANAGEMENT VIDEO trick will help keep chords and hoses organized so that you save time and effort on the job with easy unraveling.  It prevents the hoses and chords from becoming a tangled mess, taking up more space, causing more frustration, and costing more time.  At the 1:40 time stamp in the video, I show and demonstrate the unique wrapping or winding up secret that few people know about or use.  It two step process during the wind up that is essentially reversing the circle wrap every other roll.  It’s a one-two or a-b rhythm that results in the chord or hose stacking in a different way than the standard procedure most people use.


This is not something you will be able to easily master right off the bat.  The HOSE MANAGEMENT VIDEO trick I provide here will take some time, some getting use to, and some practice.  Once you need to throw it or open it back up again for use, there will be no twists, no knots, and no kinks.  If this video is helpful, keep in mind I have an online video school with over 250 videos.  And I have monthly schools in Houston for hands on training with equipment demos and classroom instruction.

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