Has your Honda GX690 pressure washer ever not started?  This happens rarely, but when it does, I want you to be ready.  There is a quick and easy fix when the issue is the HONDA PRESSURE WASHER FUSE.  On this particular occasion, the machine ran for a couple of seconds and then just quit on me.  At the 1:20 time stamp, I show you the fuse as well as the fuse location.  Basically the fuse fails and needs to be replaced.  It’s a small 30 amp green fuse inside a fuse holds behind the key box.  I actually have another video about this which details how to access it.


The HONDA PRESSURE WASHER FUSE issue has an easy solution.  Knowing what we know about this, we make a small adjustment to the machine.  This adjustment saves time when it happens on the job, and eliminates hassle and frustration.  We take the fuse holder out from the back of the key box and leave it hanging for easy, fast access.  In addition, we will start supplying a couple of the fuses to have on hand.  At 3:30, you’ll see a close up of the fuse holder and how to release the fuse itself.  If you are buying one of these from another vendor, my suggestion is see if they can do this.  Request that they remove the fuse holder from the back of the key box and leave it hanging and exposed.  The machine in the video is a fairly new machine.  The number hours on the machine was at 41.5 when it occurred.


If you have any questions, just shoot me an email to  Here is a direct link to the Honda GX690 pressure washer on my store website.  Also, be sure and check out all the training opportunities I provide at Pressure Washing School.  This includes live, in person training events once a month, as well as online video school.  It has over 275 videos and you can even try TIPS and TRICKS for free to get a feel for it.  Thanks for checking out this video blog post,.  I sure do hope it helps!