by Dean Dean


This COMMERCIAL PRESSURE WASHING SET UP video features a 20 foot trailer.  One of our customers did arrange to have his trailer painted to match our commercial line series of industrial products.  This particular setup is perfect for larger buildings with larger parking areas.  Apartment complexes, shopping malls, and many other large projects are ideal for this rig.  Let us know if you need assistance with your commercial trailer, truck or van setup.


This COMMERCIAL PRESSURE WASHING SET UP begins with an 8 GPM hot water pressure washer.  This machine uses gas power, is belt driven, and can be truck or trailer mounted.  It also has the Flow Pro Remote bypass system, which helps save time and effort on every job.  This is ideal when cleaning oil, grease or graffiti.  Some of the options on this machine includes 5 GPM or 8 GPM, as well as a Honda vs Kohler engine which also depends upon availability.


This COMMERCIAL PRESSURE WASHING SET UP also comes with the Kingslinger Soft Wash System.  This system includes a Flo-Jet air diaphragm pump and the GF valve mixing station which meters bleach, water, and soap.  In addition, the Tsunami Air Water Separator and all of it is mounted on a metal plate for stability.  There is also an auxiliary gas tank supplying the Kingslinger as well as a secondary cold water pressure washer.  When considering the Kingslinger, always consider the Kingslinger Drain Kit as well.


There are two tanks for this COMMERCIAL PRESSURE WASHING SET UP.  You will notice a 100 gallon bleach tank, There you will also see a 300 gallon water tank.  Full and complete plumbing for down streaming also includes high quality, professional seals.  A three way poly valve with mounting box allows for convenient rinsing of the downstream injector.  You can switch from the bleach tank to the water tank with this valve box.  Be sure and watch the entire video as there are many more supplies, parts and accessories that you will want to know about.