by Dean Dean


This video features the BEST POWER WASH EQUIPMENT for starting you own business.  This 12 X 6 trailer build is ideal, and we always customize builds for our customer’s needs and desires.  While we are in the Houston, Texas region, we serve the entire United States.  Custom van, truck and trailer builds is one of the things we specialize in.  And we always only use the BEST POWER WASH EQUIPMENT money can buy!


It begins with our commercial series 8 GPM cold water pressure washer with the toughest frame and components in the industry.  Then he is getting the 24 inch whisper wash Lil’ Big guy surface cleaner.  This is by far my favorite surface cleaner to use and is the only one I have been using for years.  Also, we are including the KINGSLINGER soft wash system.  It fits perfectly on top of the pressure washer frame which helps maximize space in the trailer.  There is no plumbing running on the floor of the trailer, again to maximize space.  It also eases movement in the trailer itself.


The BEST POWER WASH EQUIPMENT for starting your own business must include the FLOW PRO remote bypass system. Another great feature on this trailer is our three way poly valve with mounting box.  You will also notice the king’s reels stack unit for three hoses.  Then you will see his pressure wash gun assembly along with a adjustable wand.  There is also a gun and wand that comes with the pressure washer machine.  The Banjo three way valve is also a great thing to have for convenient use of water around the trailer.  There are many uses for this such as rinsing, filling a bucket or pump up sprayer, and other things that arise.


We always train our customers on best practices for using all the equipment that comes on a van, truck or trailer build.  We have been providing professional power wash business training for over ten years now.  Nothing excites us more than seeing new startups get going in the right direction and set up for success.   If you are looking for the BEST POWER WASH EQUIPMENT you can get, let us know!  We are always glad to help!