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This video post about TOOLS TO CLEAN WOOD will help industry pros with things like fence and deck cleaning.  It’s not often that I clean wood, so I’m using my own home as an example in this video.  First off, you’ll want to check out our proprietary ROOF AND DECK CLEANER from Doug Rucker Store.  You can use bleach for wood cleaning as long as you are mixing it properly.  I use our cleaner because I don’t have to worry about vegetation or splatters changing colors on surrounding surfaces.  I mention other mixes that can also be used.  For some jobs that have deeper staining, I’ll use an adjustable dual lance wand.  But for this job today, I’m using our standard pressure wash gun with star shape grip and mosmatic swivel.


We are using an 8 GPM pressure washer as part of our TOOLS TO CLEAN WOOD line up.  And we use the 2520 tip which is the low rinse nozzle that comes on the JROD.  And for convenience, I’m using a battery operated sprayer but usually rely upon the Kingslinger Soft Wash System on the job.  At about 8:15, you can clearly see the difference in the wood between where the roof and deck cleaner has been sprayed and where it hasn’t.  You’ll also see the difference in before and after photos.  Always take before and after photos of your work and use them on your website and social media ads.  You also get to see what it looks like when applying the solutions with the sprayer.  I explain how the process would be different using the Kingslinger on a larger job.


TOOLS TO CLEAN WOOD certainly includes my own cleaning strategy.  I have found that when the cleaner dries, it is not as effective as when the surface is still wet with cleaner.  What I do is keep the cleaning wand or gun nozzle about 6-8 inches away from the surface.  This is close enough to clean without scarring the wood.  My deck has not been cared for properly, so I’m not as worried about that in this particular case.  My cleaner helps prevent stripes, unless you clean too close to the wood.  At 11:36 you can see on the video the actual cleaning strategy.  It’s critical to ensure you are cleaning with an even, consistent pattern.  There’s more after as well, so be sure and watch the entire video!  Be sure and leave a comment if you have any questions.  And I want to invite you out to Houston for some of our training events if they might interest you, or you think might help grow your business.

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