There are many different trees that result in TANNIN STAINS on concrete driveways and walkways that pressure washing professionals encounter.  Oak trees are the most common example, but in the video example provided below, they are caused by a sugar gum tree.  These stains can be particularly difficult to remove.  In fact, tannin is the very ingredient in wines that result in heavy, dark stains.  The more porous the concrete, the stronger the tannin stain remover needs to be.

We pre-wet or pre-treat the surface with our house wash mix.  Depending on how heavy the tannin stains are might require allowing the mix to dwell, and perhaps a second application.  Upon rinse, there should be a noticeable reduction and visual change on the surface.  Here is another helpful post about the gun we use for soft washing.


Tannin Stain Remover

One of the questions I am most often asked, is, what’s in the Tannin Stain Remover.  That’s a question that really is pretty common knowledge, if you are in the exterior cleaning industry.  The chemical we use, is the same one we use for cleaning houses and roofs.  While I am willing to share the chemical with my students and customers, I am hesitant to publicly reveal what it is.  The reason is, I do not want anyone getting hurt using it.  The chemical is perfectly safe to use, and will not harm the environment.  But, like any chemical, if the user is not educated about proper use, then problems could arise,

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