by Dean Dean


It’s very important to make sure you are maintaining all of your PRESSURE WASHER O-RINGS for all of your fittings.  This includes thing like quick connect or sockets which might also be couplers.  There are two different sizes which are 3/8 and 1/4 inch.  Anything from the bottom of the gun going back back to the machine will require 3/8 inch o-rings.  Then everything from the top of the gun going out will require are 1/4 inch fittings.  In order to properly maintain PRESSURE WASHER O-RINGS, you’ll need a set of picks.


At 4:39 in this PRESSURE WASHER O-RINGS video, I show how to replace them.  The O-Ring I remove is slightly worn, or shredded, so this will negatively impact your spray flow.  Depending on how often you use it, you may need to replace them every two weeks or perhaps monthly.  I also demonstrate how to place the new O-RING into the small seat with the blunt end of the pick.  It’s always a good idea to keep a package of each O-Ring size on your truck at all times.  This way you will be prepared on the job and can easily replace them if they fail.  Occasionally you can hear a unique out of rhythm sound the machine is making which indicates there is a seal breakdown somewhere.  Many times water may be dripping or spraying out from the end of your wand, which is most likely an O-Ring problem that needs attention.  An altogether different fix for particular leaking issues would be to make sure you have teflon tape and loxeal on the threads for a tight seal.   Even though Pressure Washer O-Rings are such small parts, they play a big part in overall success on the job.


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