by Dean Dean


This MODIFY X JET video includes instructions for do it yourself assembly if you choose that option.  Right off the bat, it’s important to have a secure, strong vice set up in order to follow these assembly instructions.  At about the 5:15 time stamp, you’ll see me start the instructions for this by loading the x jet nozzle into the vice the proper way.  It must be very snug or tight before you use a wrench to remove the quarter inch plug.  You will need to remove any teflon tape with a wire brush.  This gives you a clean threaded surface to work with for next steps.  Then I rewrap it with a fresh application of teflon tape.  You will also learn from this modify x jet video about the spring and orifice inside.


In order for this modify x jet project to be successful, you’ll want to plan ahead and teflon tape all of your threaded fittings.  Loxeal is another very important part of this assembly process.  Next, we flip the nozzle over to continue this assembly process.  Again, it will need to be tight in the vice as you will be using a lot of pressure to release the nozzle fitting.  They used permanent lock tight when manufacturing this part so it’s important to get a good bite to loosen it.  Once again, use the wire brush to score the part, removing the leftover sealant, then apply fresh teflon tape.  It really only needs one or two small wraps.  And then, “a little dab’ll do ya” on another Loxeal application.

Then we take the quarter inch female fitting and install it onto the nozzle.  Now you are ready to install one side of the 12 inch lance into place.  Next, place the entire wand into the vice.  Apply loxeal to the other side on the threaded fitting.  This is where the quarter inch fitting for the J Rod will go.  You will only want to use the larger hole nozzles because the smaller ones create back pressure which blows the hose off.  The next step is simply installing the gun on the other end.  There are some other great parts of this video that you don’t want to miss!  And just a reminder that if you need a website or a website upgrade/overhaul, we can help!


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