by Doug Rucker Doug Rucker

FlowPro Remote Downstreaming System

The FLOWPRO REMOTE DOWNSTREAMIN SYSTEM has been selling very well at the Doug Rucker Store recently.  Several of our customers have commented on our YouTube channel or sent email with questions about how to set them up.  So in this video post I am happy to answer those questions for anyone using this great system.  We go over everything that comes with it, how to set it up, and what it looks like on our truck.  The FLOWPRO REMOTE DOWNSTREAMING SYSTEM has been a key component of helping me to grow my business, both in residential and commercial services.


You’ll get the computer box and inside is one of the remotes.  So be sure and open that box as the FLOWPRO REMOTE DOWNSTREAMING SYSTEM comes with two remotes!  You’ll find the other remote lose inside a bag.  You’ll get an “actuator valve” along with various wiring connectors.  It is usually connected and powered your pressure washer battery.  It also includes a very helpful pouch and lanyard.  This makes it very easy to keep and use the remote with you while you’re working at the job site.  You could also easily carry the remote in your pocket.  It also comes with instructions also available on their website.  Founder Jud West has always been extremely helpful with excellent service to me and other customers!


I also demonstrate how to hook up your FLOWPRO REMOTE DOWNSTREAMING SYSTEM to a bypass injector.  The bypass injector kit is also available on the Doug Rucker Store website.  I addition, you’ll discover in detail how the water, bleach and various solutions flow through the entire system.  Here is another great post on the basics of downstreaming if you are new in the business and just discovering how to downstream.  At 14:15 time stamp, you’ll get a feel for how we set it up on our truck.