by Doug Rucker Doug Rucker


I was doing some work on my commercial trailer rig and getting it ready for my monthly school.  This trailer has an 8 GPM hot water machine as well as another 8 GPM cold water machine.  In this video I do a walkaround so you can get a feel for all the pressure washing business equipment on this rig.  But my main focus for this post and video is dealing with BLEACH TANK VENTING.  This is especially important if you are using a van or enclosed trailer to prevent deterioration of your equipment.



There BLEACH TANK VENTING setup begins with one hose that is connected to our air diaphragm system.  But there is also a hose which is solely for the purpose of ventilation.  It has a 90 degree thread to barb fitting on a bulkhead fitting on top of the BLEACH TANK.  This allows the fumes and off gassing to come out from that dedicated hose.  This hose goes through a small hole in the bottom of the trailer.


In this BLEACH TANK VENTING video, I also provide instructions on how we fill the tank with bleach.  We use a 10 GPM flow jet pump, which is the same pump that comes on the KINGSLINGER soft wash system.  I also explain the purpose of utilizing a dip tube when filling the tank.  This prevents bubbles and suds from forming in the bleach tank when soaps are also in the tank.


The point of BLEACH TANK VENTING is that there is never a need to open the lid.  And in this video I provide details on this as well as some of the history behind this idea.  It works very well.  Once I began venting my bleach tanks, I immediately could see my equipment deterioration was no longer the issue that it was.  I can’t recommend this approach strongly enough and hope it will save you time, effort and dollars as your business grows.