by Doug Rucker Doug Rucker


The X-JET PRESSURE WASHER chemical injection nozzle comes in variety of options that you will need to choose from.  You will choose an orifice size which matches the gallon per minute machine you will use with it.  Complete product specifications can be found at the Doug Rucker Store website.  This video unboxing is the number 13 corresponding to a 4-4.5 gallon per minute machine.  The product includes a small bag with color proportioners and a 15 foot hose with screen filter.  The hose also has a two way shut off valve.  Of course, it also includes the X-JET PRESSURE WASHER nozzle.  The instruction guide has a large amount of very helpful information.


In this video, I also demonstrate using an X-JET five gallon bucket.  This bucket is a no spill container and is connected to the X-JET hose.  You’ll want to make sure you keep the bucket well ventilated with the vent hole on the side or back of the bucket.  DON’T LOSE THE VENT CAP!  Click here for more information on the X-JET bucket.  Another option is to make your own bucket, which I provide instructions for in this video as well.


You can also use the X-JET nozzle with a pressure washing gun by hooking it up at the end of the lance.  My recommendation is not to use the X-Jet for roof cleaning.  I have seen too much roof damage caused from higher pressure volumes X-Jetting with a gun.  They are great for house washing but not for roof cleaning.  This method of cleaning saves money on wear and tear because it reduces the amount of equipment the bleach touches.  In general though, I prefer downstreaming over X-Jetting.  But they are handy to have because they are more effective for some particular jobs.


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