by Doug Rucker Doug Rucker


This WANDS FOR PRESSURE WASHING video post starts off with the PRESSURE WASH GUN ASSEMBLY from Doug Rucker Store.  This is a great gun for downstreaming, and it comes in different colors.  All three guns that we sell are essentially the same gun with very minor differences.  All three guns come with standard features including a nice and short star shaped grip, as well as the gun swivel.  This makes it very easy to use, and it typically arrives with a plug on the end.  Although, I use a coupler on my gun.  This is simply a matter of personal preference.  Your JRod nozzle fits very nicely and easily on the end.  When looking at WANDS FOR PRESSURE WASHING, this is a great option to consider.


Another example of WANDS FOR PRESSURE WASHING is our ALUMINUM PIPE WANDS.  While we do not use these often, we do keep a longer and a shorter aluminum pipe wand on our truck.  These aluminum pipe wands do require a small wand saver plug.  This plus is a little longer than most.  It is important to be careful when using these wands because they are made of light weight aluminum.  They can easily snap and bend when caught against a house or a fence post walking through a gate.  The other end would have a coupler for JRod nozzles.  When needing to reach something high, we would attach this to our gun assembly.


In order to save money when it comes to WANDS FOR PRESSURE WASHING, I show you this option as well at the 6:00 time stamp.  Not only does it save money, but it allows you to continually use one gun by changing wand connections.  There are several different setups that I walk you through in detail so be sure to watch the entire video.  I have another post about the ADJUSTABLE WAND ASSEMBLY you might find helpful as well!