by Dean Dean


I am now using the Hi-Low Solutions TORNADO BAR for surface cleaning.  This is because I always had a zebra stripe issue and was unable to resolve it.  In the video at the 4:30 time stamp, you’ll see pictures of what I mean.  My surface cleaner preference is the Whisper Wash 24 inch Lil Big Guy.  I also discuss testing some of the various other surface cleaner brands that are available.  We now stock and carry the TORNADO BAR at the Doug Rucker Store because the results were so remarkable.


The TORNADO BAR has four nozzles with 3/8 piping.  This allows a larger volume amount of water to pass through.  And in this video, you’ll also see the tornado bar in action on the job with before and after photos.  Another advantage is that I am able to walk and clean faster when using it.  The Hi-Low Solutions Tornado Bar is custom made and fabricated right here in the USA.  In fact, they are in Palm Beach, Florida.  They can be used on any 1 swivel surface cleaner for 8gpm or more. Also, they can be used on any 2 swivel surface cleaner using 16gpm or more.  I highly recommend using these as well as adding a pressure regulator to your surface cleaner.  Check out this video if that is something you are considering.


Just a reminder that we’re coming to ATLANTA for a three day training event so check out the details on that.  Also, there are monthly training opportunities that include hands on training and classroom instruction.