by Dean Dean


Water Fed Pole TDS

When using a water fed pole for window cleaning, it is important to know what the TDS is.  By this we mean the TDS of the water going into your Water Fed Pole.  Once the supply water from the house or building has gone through your filtration unit, you can then get another TDS reading. I call this reading the Water Fed Pole TDS.   If the supply water going into your filtration unit is real high, this will affect how long the resin in your filtration system will last.  How long the resin lasts determines how frequent you will need to change the resin. Once the TDS on your resin filter system reaches 9-10, you need to change the resin in it. This is when you will start noticing spotting of the windows.

What is TDS?

TDS stands for Total Dissolved Solids. This is basically all the stuff in the water that can affect the cleaning of windows using a water fed pole, as well as the taste, smell, and appearance of the supply water.  These dissolved solids come from a variety of places.  Old piping, fertilizers, salt run off from roads, and many other places will have an adverse affect on the TDS of the water supply.

How do I test the TDS?

There are a couple easy ways to test for TDS.  Most water fed pole systems will come with either a built in TDS meter, or a meter that is separate and can be added inline to your water fed pole hose, or use to test independently.  These are battery operated so you need to always make sure you have good strong battery in it to prevent misreadings of the TDS. There is also a site you can use to the TEST TDS of any area by zip code.  If the zip code does not come up with a reading, you can test yourself using a TDS meter and enter into your system.  It is important to note that the information on this site is only as good as the information it has been supplied with.  So, being able to test with your own meter on site is the best way.  At DougRuckerStore we sell a TDS METER if you need one.

How do I prevent frequent resin changes?

The best way is to know what the TDS of the water is coming out of the supply.  If its very high, you may need to consider using the old fashioned squeegee cleaning method.  There are other filtration systems you may want to consider to, dual stage filtration, RO filtration, and others.  Don’t waste water when cleaning.  Have a method to shut water off coming out of the brush when moving from window to window or anytime the brush is not touching the glass.

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