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Doug Rucker’s personal F250 Utility Truck Rig is up for sale!  He has had it for a couple of years but is ready to move on and build something else.  He has another truck and will build a new skid on that once this one is sold.  This video post features a full walk through and allows you to everything that is included in the sale price of $27,500.  THIS IS A GREAT DEAL if you are looking for a POWER WASH TRUCK FOR SALE to start or grow your business.  If you are interested in it, you can call or text 281-883-3630 or you can send an email to


The truck comes with the Big Slinger Soft Wash System.  It has two 3/4 inch valves.  One is for metering bleach and the other is a ball valve for water.  The compressor is about a year and a half old and runs great.  We keep the oil changed regularly with our High Performance oils, not the cheap stuff!  The pressure washer is an 8 GPM cold water machine with 307 hours of usage.  It is also in great shape and runs very well.

There is a 24 inch steel eagle surface cleaner, as well as a gas tank.  It feeds both the soft wash compressor as well as the pressure washer.  Then you’ll have two 100 gallon tanks, one for water and the other for bleach and both are vented.  Be sure and watch the entire video for all the details and equipment included.  You will also get tools, nozzles, accesories, cleaners, pumpup sprayers, gloves, and so much more.


Also included is a downstream gun, pressure wash gun assembly, adjustable wand, and a couple of aluminum pipe wand extensions.  There are three electric hose reels with a pressure hose, a garden hose, and a soft wash hose.  They are all electric Hannay reels that have circuit breakers.  This is required by Hannay in order to honor and keep the valid the warranty they offer.  It even includes the Flow Pro Remote Bypass System for downstreaming.  It truly is “fully loaded” and “fully equipped” for anyone wanting to start or expand your pressure washing business.



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Ball Valve Installation


All of our trucks and trailers now have a ball valve installation that we recommend.  It is a three way valve that allows us to make a switch.  We can switch from the tank fill to a garden hose quickly and easily.  Some of examples for using this include filling a bucket, or the need for a high wash station.  If we need light pressure for anything like rinsing off the truck or anything else, it’s much easier than using a drain hose.


Water arrives to our rigs through the garden hose reel.  It then flows directly into the ball valve.  It can easily switch from filling the tank to a rig mounted garden hose.  With several different nozzles, you are able to use it in different ways.  For example, we have a fireman’s nozzle that can be purchased from Home Depot or Lowe’s.  This nozzle provides a wide range or garden hose pressure from a pretty long, straight stream to nothing more than a trickle if needed.  It’s ideal for filling a soap bucket without creating a lot of splashing suds.  In addition, we have a second nozzle that provides stronger pressure and a longer stream.  It’s the same nozzle that we use for just rinsing houses using a dedicated pump.


In this video, we also provide a quick view of the entire trailer.  I have been testing a booster pump, but eventually concluded it’s not really worth using.  I was not impressed at all!  So if you have any questions about this ball valve installation, just shoot me an email and I’ll answer as quickly as I’m able.  Be sure and subscribe to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL for more helpful videos.  Perhaps you would enjoy another post about a newer pressure washing truck rig.

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Paying close attention to PRESSURE WASHING BUSINESS SYSTEMS is vital for new start up companies.  We understand that some believe simply buying a pressure washing machine is enough to start a business.  But nothing could be farther from the truth!  To be successful, PRESSURE WASHING BUSINESS SYSTEMS must be given adequate consideration before you begin investing in equipment.  Specifically, there are three PRESSURE WASHING BUSINESS SYSTEMS to vet fully and carefully in order to succeed.


You will need to consider who will answer the phone, and how will they convert inquiries into business.  Another factor is the process of estimating.  Each potential customer will need to provide specific details regarding the scope of work needed.  And of course, this will need to be recorded carefully and completely.  Is there a gate code?  Are there any pets?  Will the customer be home or away while work is completed? And how will you write the estimate?  Will you be using google maps street view and other online tools?  Or do you plan to see the property before writing up an estimate?  Will it be a paper or digital estimate?  You will also want to keep a customer database.  In addition, a marketing strategy is a major component of PRESSURE WASHING BUSINESS SYSTEMS in the office.  And did we say accounting?  How will you receive payment?


You will need a clear statement of policies and procedures guiding actual work on the job.  From the moment you arrive until you leave after completing the work, what are the critical, common steps to take.  How is the property prepared for work to protect from damage?  A plan must be in place for things such as light fixtures, furnishings, plants, and windows.  Not to mention electrical outlets and boxes, a/c unit and even possible existing damage to the structure itself are important considerations. PRESSURE WASHING BUSINESS SYSTEMS on the job is an immense help when it comes to completing the work efficiently, professionally, and profitably. Time for these systems must be factored into every estimate.

pressure washing business systems



Once the job is the complete, how will you follow up?  Will you send each customer a thank you card?  Do you plan to utilize a survey to improve customer service?  Will a return visit be scheduled?  Do you provide a satisfaction guarantee?  If so, this means some customers may require a return visit to touch up any missed areas.  If the customer is disappointed with service, you’ll want to make it right.  This will help ensure future business with them and increase the chance of a positive referral.  Speaking of referrals, will a referral strategy be part of your PRESSURE WASHING BUSINESS SYSTEMS follow up?  A customer database will allow you to reach out to them again in the future.  Recording vital contact information such as name, address, phone numbers and emails is imperative for a successful PRESSURE WASHING BUSINESS SYSTEMS follow up strategy.

We are fully convinced that all of the equipment you invest in will sit idle without PRESSURE WASHING BUSINESS SYSTEMS.  These systems need to be in place for the office, on the job, and follow up before you complete your first project.  If not, you will find yourself scratching your head and wondering what to do next!

Through out the year we have several Pressure Washing Training Events that you can attend.  If you live outside the Houston area, you can also become a member of our Online Video School.  For more information on the training we offer feel free to email me at Be sure to visit our You Tube Channel and subscribe.


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Pressure Cleaning School 2015 Schedule

Pressure Cleaning School 2015 Schedule

Doug Rucker’s Pressure Cleaning School is pleased to announce our Pressure Cleaning School 2015 Schedule.  It occurs once a month right here in Houston Texas.  When you attend our school you will learn what it takes to start and operate a residential pressure washing, soft washing, and roof cleaning business.  We will also assist you in picking out the equipment necessary to start your pressure washing business.

January 12,13  February 9,10,  March 9,10  April 6,7  May 4,5   June 8,9  July 6,7  August 10,11  September 15,16  October 5,6

November 2,3 December 7,8

Hands on Training

On the first day you will receive hands on training at an actual job site.  Thus, we clean a Roof, House, Driveway and whatever else may be at the property that we are cleaning that day. You will actually be able to see the equipment in use that we use on a daily basis.  Plus, the proper cleaning techniques for the various surfaces you will encounter. This includes both Soft Washing and Pressure Washing.

Pressure Cleaning School 2015 Schedule

Pressure Cleaning School 2015 Schedule

The second day will be class room time as we go over different power point presentations that will cover, Equipment Selection, House Washing, Roof Cleaning, Driveway and Concrete Cleaning, Bidding and Estimating Jobs, Protecting the Property and Plants, and much more. You will also leave with access to all the power points in video format so that you can refer back to them over and over as needed.

Chemicals and Cleaning Products

We will also spend time on going over what kinds of chemicals and cleaning products you will need.  In addition, mixing ratios for house washing and roof cleaning will be covered.  Also, other stain removal projects like rust removal, hard water stains, oil stains, and many others.

When attending our Power Washing School, you will want to fly into the George Bush Intercontinental Airport.  Look for a Hotel around the 1960 and US 59 area in Humble, Tx.  if you need more assistance, call or text us at 2818833630.  We recommend the Country Inn and Suites located at 20611 Hwy 59 N Humble, Tx 77338, 281-446-4977.  Use room discount code Doug’sSchool for rate of $89.00 per night.

Doug Rucker’s Pressure Cleaning School is owned and operated by Doug Rucker, owner Of Clean and Green Solutions, a Pressure Washing Houston Texas company.

Pressure Cleaning School 2015 Schedule

Pressure Cleaning School 2015 Schedule

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