by Dean Dean



Check out this SPARE PARTS FOR PRESSURE WASHING TRUCK video post.  Or you may also have a van or a trailer.  But I wanted to provide some basic spare parts that you need to have while you’re on the job site.  I’ll start with a QUICK CONNECT SET.  It comes with an option of male pipe thread or female pipe thread.  You never know when these quick connect fittings are going to fail.  So I recommend having 3-6 sets.  Remember that there are also two different size options which include 3/8 inch and 1/4 inch.  It’s also important to have packages of the o rings for these fittings.  And you will need a dental pick set for repairs.  Let your SPARE PARTS FOR PRESSURE WASHING TRUCK check list begin with these important items.



Surface Cleaner Nozzles are also vital to SPARE PARTS FOR PRESSURE WASHING TRUCK.  These nozzles clog up very easily because they are so small.  I recommend replacing the nozzles while on the job, rather than taking the time to attempt repair.  Get a welder’s tip tool to remove grit and unclog surface cleaner nozzles.  Of course, whatever high pressure nozzles you use regularly, you will want to have spares for those as well.  We use and have spares for the entire JROD nozzle kit.  At the 9:00 time stamp, you’ll notice quite a bit of detail about all the nozzle SPARE PARTS FOR PRESSURE WASHING TRUCK.


Here are other items you’ll want to make sure you have.  Teflon tape and loxeal is important to have on hand for replacing and repairing any and all fittings.  Electrical tape will be needed for wiring repairs.  Hose clamps always come in handy, and a pressure gauge to test your machine.  If you are a big time downstreamer like myself, a few items are worth mentioning.  Our black plastic chemical strainer, spare downstream injectors and check valves will help prevent down time.  This is something that’s very important in our business.  Preventing down time saves you money and keeps you moving toward the next job!  Believe it or not, there are a few more important pieces so be sure and watch the entire video.  For those of you located in the southeast US, we’re bringing some incredible training opportunities to COCOA, FLORIDA!  We hope to see you there!