by Dean Dean



This SOFT WASH PLUMBING video post is a follow up to an earlier post.  In the earlier post, I feature an introduction to the SOFT E electric soft wash system.  This is simply an electric version of the Kingslinger, which relies upon a gasoline compressor.  But in this video post, we focus on the SOFT WASH PLUMBING aspect of the SOFT E.  It is a fairly simple set up, so be sure and let me know if you have any questions in the comments section below.


There are two valves on this system.  One is for water, the other is for bleach.  If you are batch mixing, you could plumb both valves to one tank.  I have a ball valve set up for my bleach hose, and in this video I have two tanks set up.  After showing how to hook up the hose at the 2:00 time stamp, I also detail the tank end of the hose with PVC for added weight.  The banjo cam lock makes SOFT WASH PLUMBING hassle free as well.


This is an important step to not overlook when using the SOFT E.  You will want to turn on power to the pump before before turning the valves to allow water and bleach to flow.  It’s best to prime one valve at a time for the best SOFT WASH PLUMBING results.  While you will need to order the hoses from us when purchasing the SOFT E, you’ll need to pick up PVC materials from Home Depot or similar store.  At the 6:30 mark, I also go over important factors to consider relating to venting your bleach tanks.  The entire video is over 20 minutes long, but contains other vital tips and tricks for SOFT WASH PLUMBING.  Be sure and stay up to date on all the training events that you can take advantage of to help grow your pressure washing business.