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Best Power Wash Trailer


Doug Rucker Store features the BEST POWER WASH TRAILER for your business in this video.  While we are in the Houston, Texas area, we work with customers throughout the country on custom rig builds.  This particular build is for a local customer from Katy, Texas.  With the exception of the two tanks, all equipment on this build is from the Doug Rucker Store.  We provide a step by step walk through in this BEST POWER WASH TRAILER video.


First, this trailer has an 8 GPM cold water pressure washer.  Next, you will see three Kings Hose Reels with a Kings Stack Kit.  For soft washing, he went with the extremely light weight and portable SOFT E electric soft wash system.  The Soft E is a 12 volt five gallon per minute machine.  He did a great job painting the floor of this trailer and securing all of the equipment himself.  He then brought it back to us to finish the trailer by plumbing the entire system.  There is something very important I explain at 3:00 into the BEST POWER WASH TRAILER video.  It is great advice for those who are just starting out in the pressure washing business.  This trailer also includes the fierce jet pressure hose as well as the flexilla garden hose.


Last but not least, he went with the 24 inch Steel Eagle surface cleaner.  This is especially great unit for doing to commercial work.  Right at 6:00 into the video, Chris actually arrives to pick up his trailer.  For additional training for your pressure washing business, check out our events page and take advantage of monthly hands on training.  My passion is helping pressure washing business owners develop their skills and grow their business.  With over thirty years of experience in this industry, I look forward to helping you any way that I can.  Be sure and leave a comment if you have any questions about this BEST POWER WASH TRAILER video post.

by Doug Rucker Doug Rucker

Pressure Washing Trailer


If you are starting a pressure washing business, you will be considering how to set up your equipment.  One option is using an enclosed truck or trailer, and you can find an example of this here.  But another option is utilizing an open PRESSURE WASHING TRAILER for your equipment.  With the exception of a few small details, the set up for both an enclosed or open truck or trailer is the same as far as equipment.  There is a greater need for more plumbing aspects on enclosed, and not so much for open.


We have the 9 gallon per minute MAD MAX as well as the 10 gallon per minute KINGSLINGER soft wash system.  I do not recommend the 12 volt electric pumps because there are too many things that can go wrong with those such as electrical components, wiring and so forth.  I’ve used and tested all types of machines and always find that air diaphragm pumps are the most reliable and easy to use and maintain.  Storage bins are great for guns, wands, buckets, cleaning solutions and so forth.


One of the things we incorporate into the PRESSURE WASHING TRAILER is a moving billboard on both sides.  This helps to advertise your service and provides immediate contact information for anyone who sees it and is interested.  We recommend keeping the information simple and easy to read and see as potential customers get a screen shot or copy the information.  An easy access ladder rack is part of the billboard system.  In this case, you don’t have to have a ladder to get to the ladder!

Pressure Washing Trailer



Additional pressure washing trailer equipment includes reels, hose and tanks.  Our titan reel features a garden hose on the bottom and a pressure hose on top.  An electric reel is an option.  Two 85 gallon vented tanks hold bleach and water and are connected to the Kingslinger.  We do not see any need to ever meter soap, so we simply add it to the bleach tank as needed.  And finally, we have a schertz box down stream remote system and a 24 inch “little big guy” surface cleaner.  As you consider your equipment set up, I’ve got some deals here worth taking a look at as well.