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The next DIFFERENCE MAKERS CONFERENCE in Humble, Texas is coming up November 2-3,2023.  The conference is for those who own and operate a small business in the home service sector.  We especially invite those who have been in business for 3 years or less.  But any and all are welcome to be part of this dynamic, motivational experience.  In those conference, we focus on best practices for those who own and operate a small business.  In addition to Doug Rucker, we welcome back once again guest speakers Jeffery Blackman and Von Cross.  In addition, Kelsey Elliot will speak about financial matters, and Nick Terry will speak from the perspective of a commercial property manager.


Here are some of the topics you can expect to hear about from our DIFFERENCE MAKERS CONFERENCE speakers.

Commercial Sales – Working with and gaining new commercial clients.  What is it that commercial and HOA property managers are looking for when choosing vendors?

High End Residential Sales –  Lessons on getting and keeping large residential clients.

Money Matters- (with guest CPA speaker Kelsey Elliott) Taxes, Budgeting, Profit and Loss, Balance Statements, and much more

Pricing- A comprehensive session on how to price your services so you never have to ask “How do I price this?”

Building a Residual Based Income Business – Every business should be built on clients that have a need to continue using your services.  We will discuss and show you ways to build a residual based business.

Creating & Building Relationships with Clients –  The success of your small business will be based on your ability to build relationships with your clients.  Learn from our years of experience in working both residential and commercial clients on how to create and build relationships.


The conference will be held at the Country Inn and Suites located in Humble TX with room rates at $79.00 per night.  For reservations call 281-446-4977 and ask for the Doug Rucker School rate.  The hotel also offers a shuttle to pick you up at the Bush Intercontinental (IAH) airport and bring you to the hotel, as well as transportation to local, (within a 5 mile radius), places around the hotel.  There are plenty of restaurants and even a mall very close to the hotel.


We encourage you to bring your wives as in most cases, they play a critical role in small business owner’s success.  You’ll hear a special speaker also address the role of wives. Wives can attend free but you need to register them as an additional attendee.

To register for the DIFFERENCE MAKERS CONFERENCE, please click here.


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In this leadership training and motivation video, I help pressure washing business owners prepare for change.  The big result of Covid is change in the way we do business.  Pressure washing businesses are not exempt.  But just consider the long list of businesses that did not survive because they didn’t change long before covid.  Check out the entire video for the full list!


There are actually six ways that you can help prepare your business for change!


A plan with goals is vital before attempting to implement changes.  The purpose of such a step by step, gradual plan for change is to lessen risk and correct unexpected errors along the way.  What is the reason for the change?  What’s the end goal?  And how will it affect each aspect of your business such as marketing, HR, accounting, employee morale and communication flow?


It’s completely normal for your entire team to want nothing to do with new procedures.  As the leader of the organization, you’re much better inviting voices of resistance to speak up and speak out.  Listen carefully to the legitimate concerns and questions they raise so that you can build trust with your team.


Small business owners must be aware of cultural shifts and trends because it will affect your business.  When customers begin paying through an app rather than sending checks by mail, you have to change with those trends.  If customers prefer to communicate by text rather than by email or phone call, embrace it. Tens years ago, I began placing “call or text” along with my cell phone number on every marketing piece we put out.  Check out the entire video for more cultural trends that will definitely affect pressure washing service businesses.


There are three more ways to prepare for change which I discuss at length in the video.  So be sure and check them out!  I also take a few moments to share my personal faith story, and about how Christ radically changed my life.  There is another pressure washing leadership motivation video which you might enjoy about FIRING CUSTOMERS.  If you are looking to try some new cleaning solutions for your pressure washing business, check out this post!




by Doug Rucker Doug Rucker



Have you ever had to fire a customer?  If you’re just starting out in the pressure washing business, FIRING CUSTOMERS might sound like bad advice at first.  It is somewhat of an oxymoron like jumbo shrimp, small crowd, walking dead or act naturally.  There is no doubt that most customers are good customers and a few are just average.  But there are those rare cases the best thing you can do to grow your business is “man up” and fire a customer!  So why fire a customer?  I’m glad you asked!  I’m going to give you six reasons for firing customers in the video and summarize three of them here.


Some customers simply expect too much.  They demand service before we’re able to get there because previous jobs are already on the schedule.  They may have unrealistic expectations about how clean you can get it.  Some customers want everything for nothing.  When a customer is overly emotional about pricing from the very start, it’s a good sign you’ll have more issues if you take on their business.


Some customers drag their feet when it comes time to pay.  This disruption in cash flow hurts your business.  In some cases, it’s intentional and they hope you’ll forget and leave them alone.  We do think it’s important for businesses to keep current with the latest payment method trends.

Firing Customers


Remember that you are the professional in the exterior cleaning industry.  It never ceases to amaze me when a customer wants to argue with their three hours worth of internet research against my 30 years of experience.  There will always be those customers who simply won’t listen to you.  They think they know better and try to give you and education in your field of expertise.  The worst part is when you did it the way requested, but you knew it would not work, and it didn’t!  In the book Lifestorming, they recommend firing the bottom 10-15% of your customer base every two years!  Consider the metaphor of pruning plants.  Sometimes the best thing you can do is clear out the dead wood to make room for more growth!

Enjoy this great brief article about firing customers!     Also, check out some our recent graduates from my online pressure washing school!