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Pressure Washing Wand Tips

Pressure Washing Wand Tips

When you purchase a pressure washing machine, it usually also comes with a gun.  The gun is usually hard attached to a wand or grip of some sort.  Sometimes you will find a need to remove the wand or lance and use something else like jrod nozzles.  This video provides clear instructions of the fittings you will need and the step by step installation instructions.  There is so much in this business that boils down to personal preference.  My preference has always been to use our pressure washing gun assembly.  This is simply because I like having that wand or lance for gripping and for other reasons.  The great thing about this pressure washing wand tips video is it shows you how to switch back and forth between the two.


At 8:00 into the video, I talk about the possibility of also using aluminum pipe wands.  These are very light weight and have their own fittings called “wand saver plug.”  You do need to be a little more careful with these because they do break easily.  These wands are available in various lengths from 24 to 59 inches.  This longer reach will help you reach higher places like gutters and things like that.  You could actually connect two of these wands for even longer distances.  Hopefully this pressure washing wand tips video will clear up some confusion and help save time on the job.  Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions about this video.


Be sure and stay up to date on all the training opportunities we provide both in person and online.  There are monthly training schools here in Houston for those looking to start a pressure washing business.  And we also have an online video school that is more self paced and on demand.

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This WANDS FOR PRESSURE WASHING video post starts off with the PRESSURE WASH GUN ASSEMBLY from Doug Rucker Store.  This is a great gun for downstreaming, and it comes in different colors.  All three guns that we sell are essentially the same gun with very minor differences.  All three guns come with standard features including a nice and short star shaped grip, as well as the gun swivel.  This makes it very easy to use, and it typically arrives with a plug on the end.  Although, I use a coupler on my gun.  This is simply a matter of personal preference.  Your JRod nozzle fits very nicely and easily on the end.  When looking at WANDS FOR PRESSURE WASHING, this is a great option to consider.


Another example of WANDS FOR PRESSURE WASHING is our ALUMINUM PIPE WANDS.  While we do not use these often, we do keep a longer and a shorter aluminum pipe wand on our truck.  These aluminum pipe wands do require a small wand saver plug.  This plus is a little longer than most.  It is important to be careful when using these wands because they are made of light weight aluminum.  They can easily snap and bend when caught against a house or a fence post walking through a gate.  The other end would have a coupler for JRod nozzles.  When needing to reach something high, we would attach this to our gun assembly.


In order to save money when it comes to WANDS FOR PRESSURE WASHING, I show you this option as well at the 6:00 time stamp.  Not only does it save money, but it allows you to continually use one gun by changing wand connections.  There are several different setups that I walk you through in detail so be sure to watch the entire video.  I have another post about the ADJUSTABLE WAND ASSEMBLY you might find helpful as well!


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One of the great products we sell at Doug Rucker Store is the pressure washing gun as well as an adjustable wand.  In order to help our customers, we provide a step by step video to assist with putting it all together.  The pressure washing gun comes complete with the Suttner ST-2305 Safety Orange Easy-Pull Trigger Gun, a 1/4-inch Mosmatic Gun Swivel, a 12-inch Suttner Star-Shaped Grip Wand, a 1/4-inch FPT quick coupler, and a 3/8-inch MPT quick coupler.  This is the gun set up I use for soft washing via down streaming for house and building washing. The gun is very easy to use and the trigger is very easy to hold open.  The adjustable wand is a straight lance with better seals that last longer than other models.  This ADJUSTABLE WAND ASSEMBLY video provides detailed instructions including connectors, tools and other details.


Open ended wrenches are my preferred tool in this case.  However, an adjustable wrench will also work if that is your preference.  You will also need teflon tape, thread sealant and a screwdriver.  In the video, I cover exactly which tools are needed for which parts.


One of the first decisions for the adjustable wand assembly is whether to use the mosmatic swivel.  This allows you to rotate or twist the wand without having to bend the hose.  Thus, the advantage is being able to change the angle of the pattern on the end of the nozzle.  In some cases you need a horizonal spray, and in other cases you need vertical spray.  The mosmatic swivel makes this process much easier without having to stop, reach out, and turn the nozzle to the desired angle.  This saves time on the job and makes the entire cleaning process much easier and less exertion on your body. If you are looking for a soft wash gun, check out this post.  Best Soft Wash Gun – Doug Rucker’s Pressure Washing School


Adjustable Wand