by Dean Dean



This PRESSURE WASHER TRUCK SKID video post features two skids for sale.  Both skids are for long bed trucks.  A customer of ours sold his business and kept his trucks but not the equipment.  He is moving out of the area here locally and asked for my help in selling these two rigs.  They are both identical 8 foot skids.  There are two 4 GPM pressure washers.  This will provide the option for a two man crew.  As an example, one person can be cleaning a house while the other person is cleaning concrete.  Another option is to siamese connect these two units for a combined 8 GPM.  Be sure and watch the entire video for all the details on this PRESSURE WASHER TRUCK SKID.


There is also an enclosed battery bank for a 12 volt soft wash system with automatic charger.  Also there are two tanks with one being for 100 gallons and the other holding 200 gallons.  There are two hose reels.  One is for soft washing and the other is a pressure hose.  The 12 volt soft wash system has three valves.  One for water, one for bleach, and one for soap.  It has a 5 gpm Remco pump.  The skids are not able to be fork lifted.  But they are staged presently so that trucks can slide right in and load them up.


Both skids also have a ladder rack which was designed and fabricated so that ladders do not need to be tied down.  These are really great, functional and well designed skids that are ready to go!  The owner’s asking price is around $15,000 per skid.  You can contact us and we will put you in touch with the owner.  Email or call or text 281-612-1223 for this pressure washer truck skid combo package.  Everything is in great condition because they are fairly new and not used much at all.  They are strong skids that will last a long time with storage compartments.