by Dean Dean



Doug Rucker is building a new NEW TRUCK SKID for his own use.  He recently posted a picture of this NEW TRUCK SKID and received quite a few questions and comments in response.  This video post is the response to those comments and questions and provides a quick run through.  This unique view will provide an opportuinty to see the build in process before it hits the bed of the pick up truck.  It is a six foot skid for a Toyota Tundra truck.  It is also known as a short body skid.  It has enough room for what I need for my commercial power wash business.  But I also intend to utilize it for travel training events.  The first such travel training event is schedule for February 22-24 in Cocoa, Florida.


First and foremost, we made sure to include our proprietary BIG SLINGER.  This soft wash system will have two 3/4 valves on it.  One is for water and the other is for bleach.  I always just add my soap to my bleach so I only use two valves.  I never really found the need to meter soap.  Our Kingslinger Soft Wash System does have three valves for those who prefer having the option to do so.  There is a newer version of the compressor.  It has lower handles, a larger gas tank and no fuel pump.  We have an 8 GPM pressure washer.  At the 3:00 time stamp, we go over various minor modification details on the pressure washer machine.  There is also a twelve gallon as tank.


There are two 100 gallon slim line tanks on this NEW TRUCK SKID.  At 8:15 I provide the specific demensions.  I mention Connor at Elite who sold us these tanks as well as the skid.  He is also a bleach distributor.  His phone number is 775-781-4153 if you would like to contact him.  I also discuss venting as well as our bleach fill tank kit.  Then you will note three electric hannay hose reels.  One is for water fill, one is for a soft wash hose, and one is for fierce jet pressure hose.  There are several other elements of this NEW TRUCK SKID that you don’t want to miss!  So be sure and watch this entire video.  Please leave a comment if you have any questions or is this post has been helpful to you.