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If you need a family business rig build, you’ve come to the right place!  In this video, a mother and father work together with their boys on a homeschool project.  In this particular case, the project is to start a business.  So this family brought a very basic 10 foot trailer to us.  We we’re able to provide them with a starter set up with the very minimum equipment needed to start a power wash business.  If you would like to start a family business, maybe this family business rig build would fit your family as well.


This Family Business Rig Build starts with a 5.5 Gallon Per Minute pressure washer.  It is a gear drive machine that delivers 3000 PSI with an option to choose between pull start or electric start.  They chose electric start.  Feeding the pressure washer machine is an 80 gallon water tank.  You can choose various size tanks that range from 16 gallons to 225 gallons.  The tank also has a job float valve which automatically shuts the water off once the tank is full.  Then they have two Kings hose reels with a stack kit.  The top reel has a garden hose while the bottom reel has 200 feet of fierce jet pressure hose.  This hose also has the ball valve set up.  You will also notice the downstream bypass injector.  They will downstream out of a bucket.


The FAMILY BUSINESS RIG BUILD also has a 20 inch Whirl-A-Way surface cleaner for driveways and sidewalks.  While they chose the floater option, you could also get it with casters instead.  They have our pressure wash gun assembly along with the jrod nozzle kit.  And they have a couple of extension wands.  This set up has room to add equipment as their business grows and they expand services.  Eventually, they’ll have a soft wash system for roof cleaning with another hose and another tank.  At approximately 4:00 into the video, take note of why it’s important to utilize a dual axle trailer for all power wash rig builds.  Again, this is a great little starter basic set up if you’re looking for a family business rig build.  Aside from the trailer cost itself, the equipment cost for this rig build is in the $8000 general ball park price range.  If you have any questions or if we can help in any way, send an email to  Also, don’t forget to check out my online video school that will drastically cut your learning curve.

by Dean Dean

Best Power Wash Trailer


Doug Rucker Store features the BEST POWER WASH TRAILER for your business in this video.  While we are in the Houston, Texas area, we work with customers throughout the country on custom rig builds.  This particular build is for a local customer from Katy, Texas.  With the exception of the two tanks, all equipment on this build is from the Doug Rucker Store.  We provide a step by step walk through in this BEST POWER WASH TRAILER video.


First, this trailer has an 8 GPM cold water pressure washer.  Next, you will see three Kings Hose Reels with a Kings Stack Kit.  For soft washing, he went with the extremely light weight and portable SOFT E electric soft wash system.  The Soft E is a 12 volt five gallon per minute machine.  He did a great job painting the floor of this trailer and securing all of the equipment himself.  He then brought it back to us to finish the trailer by plumbing the entire system.  There is something very important I explain at 3:00 into the BEST POWER WASH TRAILER video.  It is great advice for those who are just starting out in the pressure washing business.  This trailer also includes the fierce jet pressure hose as well as the flexilla garden hose.


Last but not least, he went with the 24 inch Steel Eagle surface cleaner.  This is especially great unit for doing to commercial work.  Right at 6:00 into the video, Chris actually arrives to pick up his trailer.  For additional training for your pressure washing business, check out our events page and take advantage of monthly hands on training.  My passion is helping pressure washing business owners develop their skills and grow their business.  With over thirty years of experience in this industry, I look forward to helping you any way that I can.  Be sure and leave a comment if you have any questions about this BEST POWER WASH TRAILER video post.

by Dean Dean

Building a Power Wash Trailer


We are always glad to help pressure washing business owners when Building A Power Wash Trailer.  In fact, we we work closely on this with owners from all over the United States.  Whether it’s a truck, van, or trailer, we build open air and enclosed rigs.  In this example, we are building a power wash trailer for a father son team from Lafayette, Louisiana.  This video provides customer testimony regarding the exceptional service and prompt communication we provide.  We even provide training to ensure you know how to use all the equipment effectively and efficiently.  They even won some homemade cookies!  (But the gift box is not included! :). We appreciate their business and provide a full walk around and equipment breakdown in this video.


This 20 foot trailer was brought to us and starts with an 8 GPM Largo Hot Water Pressure Washer.  It also includes an 8 GPM Largo cold water pressure washer.  Both of these machines rely upon the Honda GX 690.  He uses two large square tanks for water with the banjo valve for fast and easy draining.  He also has a smaller tank to use for degreasers but plans to switch that out to a larger tank.  There are some other plumbing items I cover in detail in this video so be sure and watch it in its entirety.


The hoses on this set up are one flexilla garden hose and two fierce jet pressure hoses.  These hoses stack nicely on the King’s Reel stack kit.  There is an additional 18 inch soft wash reel with a Soft Jet Soft Wash Hose which connects to the SOFT E.  The Soft E is the electric version of the Kingslinger Soft Wash System.  This is a light weight, portable system that requires very little footprint.  For additional pressure washing business supplies, check out Doug’s Link Deals on my school website.    If you ever need help BUILDING A POWER WASH TRAILER, don’t hesitate to let us know.

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In this POWER WASH TRAILER BUILD video, Doug Rucker walks us through another exceptional build.  We welcome visitors to stop by the Doug Rucker Store in Porter, Texas near Humble.  We are northeast of Houston and our store hours are as follows.  M-F 9-noon and 1:00-3:00.  Even though we are closed Saturday and Sunday, our online store is available 24/7.  We are always glad to help with professional truck, trailer and van builds for power wash businesses.


We consider this particular package our basic trailer setup for residential and light commercial projects.  When it comes to our POWER WASH TRAILER BUILD, we only use equipment we test.  This ensures you’re getting high quality equipment that will last and help save time on the job.  The trailer starts with an 8 gallon per minute cold water machine from the Doug Rucker Commercial Series line of pressure washers.  Power Jet builds this skid-mount pressure washer with the toughest frame and components in the industry.  This gas power pressure washer features a 24HP Honda or Kohler engine, belt drive, and commercial-grade pump from General Pump, CAT, or AR.


This POWER WASH TRAILER BUILD has a 24 inch Lil Big Guy.  In the video, I also explain how the various elements connect to each other and our unique plumbing setup.  There are two 100 gallon tanks with uniseals and ventilation.  One tank is for water while the other is for bleach.  You will also notice a Hannay electric hose reel for water supply.  There are four different gun and wand set ups which he uses depending on the particular pressure and distance he needs for that job.


There is a Three Way Banjo Valve which increases flexibility between filling tanks and garden hose spraying.  This comes in very handy for washing equipment, rinsing your eyes or hands, filling a bucket, and many other uses.  There is also Flow Pro Remote Bypass System for downstreaming with a three way valve and mount box.  Of course, we include our signature soft wash system we call THE KINGSLINGER!  Be sure and watch the entire video for many other important supplies to complete this POWER WASH TRAILER BUILD.

by Doug Rucker Doug Rucker

Power Wash Truck Video


This Power Wash Truck Video post features a recent project for one of our customers.  The Doug Rucker Store provides pressure washing professionals with truck, van, and trailer builds.  All of our builds are customized to fit the needs and desires of the customer.  So this video details all the equipment as well as installation and plumbing.  Our passion is assisting new pressure washing professionals with their business.  So we hope all of our videos help you grow your pressure washing business.  Thank you for checking out this POWER WASH TRUCK VIDEO.


Right off the bat, you’ll see how the plumbing for the water supply is set up for this trailer build.  This connects to the pressure washer machine with bulk head fittings and hose specifications.  I also walk you through the unloader bypass hose set up with which returns water back to the tank when off trigger.  This POWER WASH TRUCK VIDEO also includes a FLOW PRO remote bypass system.  At about 4:45, I provide some tips on various wiring options for the Flow Pro.


The downstream injector is another important piece of this POWER WASH TRUCK VIDEO set up.  We use a check valve in order to obtain a stronger mix and the contributes to injector longevity.  I also show a poly three way ball valve that enables me to rinse the injector at the end of every job.  You will also notice how all of this connects to the various tanks on board.  In fact, I even explain how the inside of the tanks are set up.  Setting up a vent hose to bleach tanks helps protect your equipment from deterioration.  The Kingslinger Soft Wash System, hose reels and other aspects of this POWER WASH TRUCK VIDEO are also included.


We make it easy and convenient for you to connect with us for your truck, van, or trailer build needs.  You can call us at 281-612-1223 or send us an email to  You may also submit an online request here.  We have provided service for customers from as far as New Jersey, Atlanta,  and California.




by Doug Rucker Doug Rucker



At Doug Rucker Store, we provide PRESSURE WASH TRUCK and trailer build service.  This is especially helpful for those just starting out in the pressure washing business.  We recently had an opportunity to provide this service for a  pressure washing pro from Austin, Texas.  They purchased a previously city owned vehicle and brought it to us for the build out.  We did make some minor repairs and improvements to the enclosed portion of the truck before installing equipment. This included things like patching holes, installing new aluminum flooring, and sealing all surfaces. This phase is important to ensure maximum protection of new equipment.




First, the KINGSLINGER SOFT WASH SYSTEM goes in with plumbing through the floor.  This is because the unit needs to be drained to keep moisture from building up and adversely affecting the system.  When considering a pressure wash truck or trailer build, this is a great way to provide soft wash service.  Soft washing is critical to protect a variety of surfaces from damage resulting from large volume of high pressure water blasting.  It has three different valves to meter mix ratios, usually water, bleach and another detergent.



This particular project was for an existing car detail business that was expanding their service into the pressure washing sector.  So for this pressure wash truck build, we provide him with a new pressure washer also plumbed to an 85 gallon space saving tank.  In fact, two new tanks enable him to store water and bleach.  They are bolted down and firmly secure.  The schertz box remote control for down streaming and a new surface cleaner is also part of this package.  In addition, hoses and hose reels are a great addition to this pressure wash truck build.  It’s important to have pressure hose, soft wash hose, and a garden hose.  For larger projects, you would also want to consider spare hose in order to effectively clean without having to relocate equipment.  If it interests you, check out another post.  The sled is what makes this one really special!

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